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25-hour TT - Modern Vinyasa Yoga

Core Integration 1:
Restore Your Core


Friday, June 6, 2025:
13:00 - 21:00
Saturday, June 7, 2025:
13:00 - 21:00
Sunday, June 8, 2025:
12:00 - 20:00

Breestraat 24, Leiden - 15 minutes walking from Leiden Centraal station


€ 375 incl. 9% VAT

🐣 Early Bird Offer: Save 20% by booking up to 2 months before the training starts (April 6th, 2025). Code: BIRDCORE2025

Teachers & Substitute Teachers at Tribes: Enjoy a 40% discount (not compatible with other discounts). Contact us to claim your offer.

Toward a supportive core

The number one thing I see most in my students is a dysfunctional core, due to postural patterns that keep popping up as they move. Often these postural patterns make it impossible to truly activate the core and to build a healthy relationship to these muscles causing back, hip, knee, ankle problems. But there is good news, because we can restore our connection to the core and rebuild the pathways so that the core starts supporting us.

This module is all about rewiring the movement patterns, using not only yoga, but also pilates and functional movement principles. Restoring your core is really about becoming aware of the whole, rather than only addressing the core. It works up and down the kinetic chain, in a healthy coordination.

After finishing the module, you will be eligible to receive a certificate for 25 hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance.

This 25-hour module is part of the 300-hour Modern Vinyasa Teacher Training. You can participate by registering for the full 300-hour program, the 'Core' bundle (which includes the two modules about the core), or as a standalone module.


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