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25-hour TT - Modern Vinyasa Yoga

Mobility Training: Enhance Fluidity


Friday, Nov. 1, 2024:
13:00 - 21:00
Saturday, Nov. 2, 2024:
13:00 - 21:00
Sunday, Nov. 3, 2024:
12:00 - 20:00

Breestraat 24, Leiden - 15 minutes walking from Leiden Centraal station


€ 375 incl. 9% VAT

🐣 Early Bird Offer: Save 20% by booking up to 2 months before the training starts (September 1st, 2024). Code: BIRDMOBILITY2024

Teachers & Substitute Teachers at Tribes: Enjoy a 40% discount (not compatible with other discounts). Contact us to claim your offer.

Going Beyond Range Of Motion

Training your mobility is fundamental to a happy practice. What is mobility? You can define mobility as ‘usable ranges of motion’. To move freely within your movement practice, you need to have adequate ranges of motion, strength through our ranges, and a level of control of our individual joints.

Only then we can produce smooth coordinated motion and distribute forces evenly throughout the body. Stiffness, restrictions, and in some cases, pain are signs that mobility may be compromised. Stretching the muscle is often not enough, you want the muscles to be able to ‘carry’ the amount of movement. During this module you will learn all about mobility; how it works and how you can expand it. The module will address the three main mobility regions: 1. knee, ankle foot, 2. hips & lower spine, 3. thoracic spine and shoulders.

After finishing the retreat, you will be eligible to receive a certificate per module for Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance.


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