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Retreat | Modules 6, 7, 8, 9

Cultivating Presence, Authenticity & Inspiration

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Leiden Tribes Academy | Barre Teacher Training

From August 30th to
September 6th, 2024

Friday 30th August:
arrival from 17:00

Friday 6th August:
departure before 10:00

Location to be announced


€ 1500 incl. 9% VAT

Cultivating Presence & Authenticity

The four modules offered in this retreat are invitations for self-exploration and connection, both in your practice and teachings. By attending this retreat, you will gain the tools and insights needed to never lose inspiration as you learn to embrace your own authenticity. This retreat serves as a stepping stone in your journey as a yoga teacher, empowering you to unleash your creativity and find your true voice.

20hrs module: Somatic & Intuitive Movement

A somatic movement, generally speaking, is one which is performed consciously with the intention of focusing on the internal experience of the movement rather than the external appearance or result of the movement. Somatic movement is exploratory in nature, it taps into our intuition. The beauty and power of the somatic & intuitive lies within the lived experience, the lived body, the here and now. The benefits from exploring somatic and intuitive movement are many, it is a deeply connecting and liberating practice. It will help you to tap into your inner knowing, building trust and empowerment.

That is also why the training will be movement based, exploring different somatic and intuitive movement practices. This module will draw from movement researchers Laban, Bartenieff, Whitehouse and Feldenkrais. It will include an exploration on how the principles can be implemented within your own teaching practice. 

20hrs module: Yoga Energetics & Nature

Let’s embark on a transformative journey that explores the captivating realm of elemental yoga and energetics. We will immerse ourselves in Nature-inspired practices, exploring the multiple layers of our being, from the most physical to the most subtle aspects of who we are. You will discover how the elemental concepts, the power of visualization, and imagination can shape and enhance our experience on the mat.

As we dive into subtle practices, you’ll delve into your own Nature and its synchronicity with the cycles of your life and Nature at large. This self-awareness and awareness of the interrelated cycles of Nature and Life will make you more sensitive to the journey of your own students: where they are in their lives, their potential for growth, and how you can skillfully facilitate their evolution with inspired and multi-layered practices.

20hrs module: Yoga Therapeutics & Thai Yoga Release Techniques

In this module, we will dive into the art of hands-on assists, empowering you to offer personalized guidance and support to your students through the transformative power of touch. You will develop expertise in offering Thai Yoga Release Techniques, enabling your students to find deep release. Thai Yoga Release Techniques work with pressure points as well as rocking movements to release blockages in the body. You will practice both as giver and receiver.

On more subtle levels, the receiver is practising ‘letting go’ of control as well as trust with the giver, which is also part of the healing power of this work. The giver of the massage is elevating the awareness of ‘listening’ through hands, feet and other body parts. One very important principle of both the physical and subtle aspects of these release techniques is that ‘Both Bodies’ are comfortable.  When the giver is clear of how, when and where to touch the receiver and keeps their own body comfortable, the movement makes the healing part of the work more accessible. 

15-hour module: Deep Dive into the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita

During these sessions, we will engage in inspiring and insightful conversations about two of the most influential philosophical texts in the context of yoga: the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. You will gain a deeper understanding of the cultural, spiritual, and historical backgrounds that contributed to the shaping of these texts, allowing for a better grasp of the concepts they introduced. Additionally, we will explore the later interpretations, each influenced by its own cultural background, acknowledging that our perspective is always influenced by our cultural context. Our goal is not to disregard this influence but to embrace the re-appropriation and reinterpretation of concepts, enabling you to incorporate what resonates most with you into your practices and teachings.

Upon completing the retreat, you will qualify to receive a certificate per module for Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance.

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Leiden Tribes Academy | Barre Teacher Training

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You have the option to enroll in the complete 300-hour training, which offers a discounted rate, or you can enroll in individual modules (refer to each module's details page for prices) as well as bundles. It is recommended to follow the modules in the recommended order to maximize your training experience.


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