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Fanny Alavoine
Fanny Alavoine

Anatomy & Alignment
Yoga Philosophy & Intentional Teaching
Vinyasa, restorative to strong flows.
Group and private classes.
At Tribes, Leiden

Fanny's training began with the guidance of Daphne Koken and Claudia Van der Tier. She is committed to enhancing her expertise through continuous online and in-person philosophy & anatomy education, as well as extensive book study. Additionally, she has recently started her Rolfing® Structural Integration training journey.

Competitive Climbing
Rock Climbing
Art Photography
Graphic Design

Fanny is a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher with over 1,000 hours of experience teaching in studio classes and private sessions.

Fanny's personal yoga journey began as a competitive athlete in Lead climbing. While she initially focused on physical strength and flexibility, yoga provided her with a fresh perspective on her body and movement. It transformed her approach from performance-driven to one centered around freedom and connection, fostering a sustainable and mindful practice.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, Fanny is deeply curious about the underlying principles of yoga. She continually expands her expertise by exploring diverse perspectives and training with various teachers. Her areas of study encompass therapeutic yoga, myofascial anatomy, philosophy, and other movement practices. Learn more about her education and inspiration here.

Fanny has a genuine passion for sharing and explaining yoga. As a teacher, she recognizes the profound impact her words can have on students, both physically and emotionally, so she is dedicated to delivering detailed and enthusiastic guidance, ensuring that her students fully immerse themselves in the practice and derive maximum benefit. Using intentional creativity in her flows, she aima to empower her students to explore their body's capabilities and embrace the transformative effects of yoga on all levels of their being. Fanny emphasizes authenticity, urging students to embrace curiosity, open-mindedness, and emotional exploration during their practice.

In addition to teaching regular classes and private sessions, Fanny extends her knowledge and expertise to aspiring yoga teachers through collaborations with Willemieke Verweij from the Studio Tribes. Drawing on her passion for continuous learning and effective communication, Fanny supports and empowers future instructors on their own journeys.

3 words that describe her
Enthusiastic | Purposefully Creative | Frenchie

Why I teach
Teaching yoga is my excuse to continuously learn and grow. It allows me to master new techniques, develop my skills, and evolve alongside my students. Yoga is a multidimensional field that encompasses philosophy, self-development, anatomy, movement comprehension, energetics, and more. This richness allows for endless exploration, and it is this sense of exploration that excites me greatly. I wouldn't change my job for anything in the world.

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