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Felix De Rond

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Leiden Tribes Academy | Barre Teacher Training
Fanny Alavoine

- Poweryoga
- Pilates
- Strength training

- 200HR ashtanga based vinyasa
- Pilates teacher training
- SPORTja Strength coach incompany training
- Mac-Nutrition UNI evidence based nutritionist

- I practiced running, lifting, ballet, yoga and pilates
- Very passionate about being up to date on the research of all things movement and nutrition

A sports fanatic, huge nerd and a new dad. Felix practiced a wide range of disciplines over the past 11 years: strength training, yoga, classical ballet, pilates, marathon/ultra/trail running. Because of his experience with many different disciplines, his vision of the human body in movement is all encompassing. Felix nerded out on a variety of views on the human body. He is your go-to person to discuss many optics and approaches to anatomy.

"I started practicing Pilates to get better at classical ballet. I quickly fell in love with it because it gave me the perfect combination of a physical challenge and body awareness. After around 6 months of dedicated practice, I decided to start teaching Pilates. I wasn’t very happy with my Pilates teacher training and this is one of the main reasons I want to create a better one myself."

Felix knows how to physically challenge you, stimulate you to develop an analytical mindset and look past dogma. With his gentle yet effective approach in coaching one-on-one, he is a great mentor.

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