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Robinson Von Grumbkow

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Leiden Tribes Academy | Barre Teacher Training
Fanny Alavoine

- Pilates
- Vinyasa
- Yoga Nidra
- Tantra

Studied at
- KABK - Art academy Den Haag
- HS toegepaste filosofie

- 200HR Teacher Training Course - Arhanta Yoga Ashram India, Classical Hatha Sivananda
- 200HR Advanced Teacher Studies - Nieuwe Yogaschool Amsterdam - Daphne Koken
- 100HR Yogic Studies modules- Seth Powell
- 65 HR  Prana Vinyasa modules- YogaMoves - Shiva Rea 
- 25HR Vinyasa Immersion - Meghan Currie
- 65 HR - Liquid Flow Yoga modules - Simon Park 
- 100HR Thai Yoga Massage – Sunshine Network, Asokananda, Thailand
- 20HR Yoga Nidra - Nirlipta Tuli
- 130HR Pilates Mat Method - Smartbody Amsterdam
- 100HR Fundamentals of Tantra - DNYS

Started with
Vipassana in SN Goenka tradition
And Iyengar yoga
In 2012

A dynamic world-traveller and creative centipede. Robinson taught 4000+ classes, in private, corporate and group-form. With experience at more than 50 locations, she knows how to tune-in to different kinds of groups, and quickly adjust to the people in front of her.

"After practicing more Pilates, I felt that my yoga practice transformed a lot. I started lifting weights, attending dance courses, practicing Indian martial arts Kalaripayattu, surf and climbing. Combining different sorts of movement enriched my experience of my embodiment. I see them all as methods to get into a meditative state."

Robinson brings sensitivity and attunes to the present moment to feel what is needed to transform. With clear guidance she stimulates growth and autonomy.

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