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Fundamental Alignment Principles

Grasp the Key Concepts
and True Goals of Yoga Alignment

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Gain clarity:
Uncover the principles of
effective alignment

In this FREE foundation course, you will:

☑️ Gain a clear understanding of alignment and its purpose.
☑️ Move beyond dogmatic rules and fear-based approaches.
☑️ Understand what compensation pattern & misalignment are.

☑️ Receive a certificate for 5 hours of Continuing Educations with Yoga Alliance.

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Meet Fanny Alavoine, your passionate guide to mastering yoga alignment.

Drawing upon extensive study, curiosity and experience in anatomy and precise cueing, Fanny equips yoga teachers with the knowledge and confidence to teach effectively and authentically. With a passion for elevating yoga instruction standards, Fanny focuses on Intentional Sequencing and Teaching techniques to unlock teachers' full potential.


In this FREE foundation course, you will:

Testimonials on Fanny's teaching on alignment

Start your Intentional Teaching journey today by enrolling in this FREE course:

Alignment Principles 

This FREE 3-Day foundation course
is your FIRST STEP towards:

☑️ Mastering the Intentional Sequencing Method
☑️ Analyzing any asanas with Ease
☑️ Creating purposeful and effective classes

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Unlock your path from uncertain alignment teaching to informed practices.

☑️ Enjoy Life-Time Access
☑️ Benefit from Future Program Discounts
☑️ Receive a certificate for 5 hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance

🔒 We respect you privacy. We never share your information.

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